Berberine HCL 400 Mg 120 Vegetarian Capsules (120)

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Berberine HCL (hydrochloride) contains the 400 mg of natural berberine per serving. This product is professional grade and made in the USA! 45 Day 100% Money Back GUARANTEE This product can help benefit you if you’re an athlete trying to stay lean. Some studies have suggested that berberine can be just as effective as MET (Metformin). Benefits* Berberine improves insulin sensitivity. It can improve body composition and weight management, and is known to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol. Berberine HCL can help increase GLUT 4 receptors which help shuttle sugar away from the fat cells and into the muscle with little to no insulin. This means that you can eat carbohydrate foods not worry about the carbohydrates turning into fat. Berberine HCL 400 is a great addition to any weight management program. This product is most effective with Liquid Ionic Minerals Blood Sugar Support SKU #208 **If you want even more blood sugar support try Glyco-X 500. Glyco-X Products contain Banaba Leaf. ***GoodState carries several types of Glyco-X products, such as: Glyco-X 250, Glyco-X 400, and Glyco-X 500Veggie Capsules!
400 mg of Pure Berberine HCL per capsule
Great Product to help Lower Blood Sugar
Great for Weight Management
Professional Grade and made in the USA

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