Capsuline Chlorophyll Vegetarian Empty Capsules Size 00 Green/Green 1000 Count

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Capsuline unique chlorophyll vegetarian capsules give you completely natural, plant-derived green colored veggie capsules with absolutely no dyes. The capsules get their green coloring from the chlorophyll. An excellent choice for those who are targeting consumers that are concerned about dye consumption. Like all of Capsuline vegetarian capsules, these colored veggie capsules are ideal for encapsulating all dry ingredients, including powders, granulates, vitamins, herbs and pharmaceuticals.HPMC 100% Plant Derived 100% BSE Free No Additives Preservative Free Non GMO Gluten Free
KOSHER and HALAL certified
Non GMO, Gluten Free, Preservative Free
Highest Quality in the Industry
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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