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Magnesium Buffered Chelate is one of the best-absorbed forms of magnesium. Each capsule provides 150 mg of elemental magnesium. This product should not cause any of the unfavorable gastrointestinal symptoms associated with magnesium supplementation due to the very stable chelate formed between two glycine molecules and each magnesium ion via a patented process. Made with non-GMO ingredients.HIGHLY ABSORBABLE ELEMENTAL MAGNESIUM: DFH Magnesium Buffered Chelate is a highly absorbable form of elemental magnesium chelated to two molecules of the amino acid glycine. The amino acid chelate is absorbed via dipeptide channels, bypassing the usual active transport and passive diffusion routes for intestinal ion absorption, where magnesium would otherwise compete with other minerals.
This method of delivery allows larger amounts of magnesium to be absorbed more quickly and be better retained by the body, as compared to many other forms.
This amino acid chelate may be especially beneficial for those who require high doses of magnesium, as relatively high doses lead to fewer unwanted gastrointestinal effects that may present with other forms of supplementation.
120 Vegetarian Capsules

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