Empty Vegetarian Capsules – 1000 Size “00” Bulk Wholesale

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Our Size 00 Healthy Life Capsules are the highest quality vegetarian capsules available, they are pharmaceutical grade, cGMP certified and laboratory tested. No preservatives, no allergens, no gluten – just vegetable HPMC and water. Each capsule has a mechanical locking feature that easily seals the capsules for ease of use. Gelatin capsules are for making your own supplements or filling with herbs and/or spices Perfect for manual and semi automatic to automatic filling. They are also great for pets! Does your dog or cat need to take a medication that they hate? Just place in a capsule and place in their food!Made of only HPMC and water – Non-animal, ideal for vegetarians and vegetarian minded consumers
HPMC= Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose- a plant derived cellulose
Kosher and Halal certified – Preservative free, allergen free, starch free, gluten free
Certified GMP, non GMO, no preservatives, FDA “GRAS” status, never made overseas
All Natural, no gelatin, animal products, or additives of any kind

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