JJ Virgin – Vitamin D Plus, 5000 IU Gluten Dairy Soy Free, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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Vitamin D Plus is a superior, trustworthy source of vitamins D and K that can meet your nutrient needs and get your body back to normal.* Its probably not a coincidence that almost every type of cell in your body has receptors for vitamin D! You dont have to be a medical expert to grasp the significance of how ready your body is to make and use this daily essential.


Vitamin D Plus provides a powerful dose of vitamin D3 and vitamin K in both the K1 and MK-7 form of K2.

The amount of vitamin D and K in this formula may be beneficial for those who do not get adequate sun exposure and/or dietary sources of these vitamins.

If you dont get your vitamin D from spending time in the sun, you have to get it through your diet. Ideally, only about 10% of your daily D should come from what you eat. In reality, many folks depend on their food to provide a much bigger portion. That means you need plenty of vitamin D-rich foods like fatty fish, beef liver, mushrooms, cheese and other dairy, and egg yolks. If youre thinking, Oh, yuck! or I cant eat that it ties my gut in knots! youre not alone.

Vitamins D & K work as a team to keep you healthy by packing all the necessities into one capsule!POWERFUL DOSE: Includes Vitamin D3 and K1 & K2. Vitamin D Plus is a potent blend of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K (to boost D absorption).
VITAMIN D PLUS: Promotes weight loss, bone health, immune health, and appetite control. Getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is important for normal growth and development.* Does not contain gluten or dairy.
FROM NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER & CELEBRITY NUTRITIONIST JJ VIRGIN: Known for her bestselling books The Virgin Diet and The Virgin Diet Cookbook, JJ Virgin has transformed the lives of many with her tasty line of nutritious shakes and bars, as well as exceptionally high-quality supplements. Trust her to provide highly effective and bioavailable products of the utmost quality.
CONTAINS: 60 Capsules of 5000 IU Vitamin D.

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