MRM – Veggie Elite Performance Protein, 24 Grams of Flavorful Plant-Based Protein, Allergen-Free Alternative to Whey, Vegetarian & Vegan Approved (Vanilla Bean, 2.2 lbs)

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Despite old stereotypes that insist athletes cannot adequately perform and compete eating a plant-based diet, MRM Veggie Elite offers a true alternative to whey that enables both vegans and vegetarians the opportunity of peak performance without compromising commitment to diet. Now, athletes have a choice in a tasty, satisfying, plant-based protein that meets daily protein requirements.STOP KILLING YOUR STOMACH WITH OTHER PROTEIN POWDERS: Stop suffering through serious stomach pains, cramps, gas, bloating, nausea & diarrhea that can be caused by whey allergens. Veggie Elite is plant-based and easily digestible.
SIMILAR TASTE, BETTER DIGESTABILITY THAN WHEY: With Veggie Elite we achieved our goal of creating a clean, plant-based formula with a taste to rival whey, with extras like essential amino acids (BCAA’s) for muscle growth & enzymes to aid digestion.
PREMIUM PROTEIN + ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS: Our select combination of plant proteins creates a highly viable vegan-friendly blend, that also delivers all essential amino acids, with vital branched amino acids (BCAA) to aid muscle growth & recovery.
VEGGIE ELITE IS IDEAL FOR MANY: From athletes at any level to those who follow a strict plant-based diet regimen, especially those who are unable to tolerate egg, milk or soy proteins due to allergies or undesirable gastrointestinal side effects.
PLANT-BASED & NATURAL: Veggie Elite is hypo-allergenic, cholesterol-free, free from milk, soy, gluten or animal. GMO-free, no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Protein based on the highest quality raw pea & raw brown rice proteins.

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