Nutrasense Glucosamine-ES “Extra Strength” Regenasure®, 750mg, 60ct Kosher Vegetarian Glucosamine Caps

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Glucosamine is naturally occurring in the body and is one of the major building blocks for the critical lubricants and shock absorbers necessary to maintain healthy joint performance. By supplementing the glucosamine naturally present in the body with the NutraSense Company’s 100% American made GLUCOSAMINE-ES, cartilage is naturally stimulated to produce more of the lubricants and shock absorbers necessary to help maintain healthy joints. Most glucosamine is imported, and sourced from shellfish. Ours is not! NutraSense Glucosamine-ES is made exclusively with Cargill’s Regenasure, using a patented corn fermentation process. Thus, it’s produced without the contaminants, environmental impact, and seasonality related to the production and sourcing of shellfish-derived glucosamine. It’s the perfect vegetarian glucosamine for those who are vegans!Made exclusively with Cargill Inc.’s Regenasure® – the ONLY U.S. made, Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status from the FDA glucosamine available
Vegetarian (non-shellfish, non-animal derived), Kosher and Halal Certified
Meets all U.S. Pharmacopoeia and National Formulary specifications
U.S. manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) facility in Iowa
Natural, safe and effective joint pain relief

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