Savi Wellness Vegetarian Probiotics Dietary Supplement

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It Takes Guts To Create Optimal Health In Your Body: Guts And Probiotics. The good bacteria contained within Savi Wellness Probiotics are essential in maintaining a balanced, healthy environment in the digestive tract. This has many benefits, including; – Restoring balance to the GI tract boosts immune system – A healthy GI tract can help ease symptoms of IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and other digestive issues. – A healthy digestive tract supports the overall wellbeing of the entire body. A quote by Sherry A. Rogers, author of more than a dozen books on health and wellness says: The road to wellness is paved with good intestines” You are going to love how great you feel once your gut starts working the way it was designed to. You may experience more energy, fewer mood swings, less trouble with irregularity, fewer sick days and much more. Our probiotic supplement contains 7 complementary strains, including: L. Acidophilus-helps adjust PH level in your body, destroying pathogens. L. Casei-promotes growth of L. Acidophilus and helps destroy pathogens. L. Plantarum-reduces overgrowth of yeast. Bacillus Subtillus-activates human defence systems. Our product is Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Sugar Free, Safe, Natural Formula. No weird fillers, chemicals, preservatives, soy, colours or flavours. Capsules are manufactured in a facility that is FDA approved and carries GMP certification. Click the Buy Button Now to purchase your premium probiotic supplement today. Happy Gut. Happy Life.PROBIOITCS SUPPORT WEIGHT LOSS EFFORTS THROUGH DIET PLANS LIKE WEIGHT WATCHERS, CLEAN EATING AND PALEO. Balanced bacteria repairs GI tract, regulates nutrient absorption and hunger trigger hormones.
BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM. 80 percent of the immune system comes from the gut. Probiotics encourage colonization of good bacteria, strengthens resistance to illness, allergies and Leaky Gut Syndrome.
REDUCES NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF YEAST AND CANDIDA OVERGROWTH. Over 10 billion CFUs and 7 strains in Savi Wellness Probiotics repair and maintain healthy GI tract. Reduce digestive issues, gas and pain.
IMPROVES MOOD SWINGS, SLEEP PATTERNS, ENERGY AND BRAIN FUNCTION. Promotes and supports better cognitive function, hormone balance, inflammation response suppression, brain to gut communication.
REDUCE ANTIBIOTIC THERAPY SIDE EFFECTS WHICH KILLS ALL BACTERIA. Restore gut to balance after antibiotics. Savi Wellness Daily Probiotics repairs damage and replenishes good bacteria fast.

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